Demolition of Espoo’s City Hall started in June

7.7.2022 8.21Updated: 20.7.2022 8.18
Espoo’s old City Hall is shown on the left-hand side. There is an apartment building on the right.
The demolition of the City Hall in Espoon keskus started in June. The plan is to replace the building with residential properties and business premises.Photo: City of Espoo

The City Hall has stood empty since 2008 and its demolition will speed up the development of Espoon keskus into a diverse and pleasant urban centre.

The demolition of Espoo’s City Hall, located in Espoon keskus, started with interior demolition work in June. The demolition of the building frame is due to start during the next few weeks.

The development of Espoon keskus and especially the former administrative centre can really get going once the City Hall block is included in the process.

It will now be possible to develop Espoon keskus as a whole. This is very important as the future City Rail Link will bring new residents, services and jobs to the area.

The plan is to replace the centrally located City Hall with residential properties and business premises.

The City Council Hall, which is attached to the City Hall, will not be demolished and will remain in use for the time being.

Espoo's City Hall has stood empty since 2008.

The City Hall was built in 1971, but it has stood empty since August 2008. The building could no longer be used, for example due to indoor air problems.

The demolition process has been delayed as a result of appeals and protection proposals.

The demolition work should be completed by the end of the year. The landscaping of the area will start next spring.

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