Piispanportti health centre will provides health centre services for residents in nearby areas such as Kuitinmäki, Suurpelto and Henttaa as of 1 January 2022.

10.12.2021 11.28Updated: 11.1.2022 10.55

The services and client fees will be the same as they are at the city’s own health centres.

From the beginning of 2022, Espoo’s outsourced health centre will be operated by Pihlajalinna. Pihlajalinna will provide health centre services based on an agreement with the City of Espoo. The outsourced health centre operations were put out to tender as the agreement with Oma Lääkärisi Matinkylä ended. Pihlajalinna was the winner of the tendering process. 

We apologise that our letter about the change did not reach everyone

A letter concerning the change was sent to the clients of Oma Lääkärisi Matinkylä in December 2021. An error occurred in the retrieval of addresses, and therefore people who had themselves selected Oma Lääkärisi Matinkylä as their health centre did not receive the letter. The error was noticed on Wednesday 5 January 2022. We sent a text message about the change on 10 and 11 January to people who did not receive the letter. We apologise if you did not receive the letter.

Contact information of the Piispanportti Health Centre as of Monday 3 January 2022.

  • Address: Piispanportti 10, 5th floor. It is the same building where the current outsourced health centre is located, but the floor will change. 
  • Online appointment booking: Appointments can be booked through espoo.terveytesi.fi as of January 2022.
  • Telephone service tel. 09 8162 2010, is open Monday–Friday 7:00–16:00. The text message service number for the deaf and hard of hearing is 040 570 2889.
  • Further information: The health centre’s webpage can be found at www.pihlajalinna.fi/toimipisteet/piispanportin-terveysasema(external link). A more extensive website will be launched in December 2021.

Do I have to do something because of this change?

The clients of Oma Lääkärisi Matinkylä will automatically become clients of the Piispanportti Health Centre as of 1 January 2022.

  • If you are happy with this change, you do not have to do anything. You will automatically become a client of the Piispanportti Health Centre as of 1 January 2022, and you can use your new health centre’s services as of Monday 3 January 2022.
  • If you wish to use another health centre’s services, you can fill in the notification about switching health centres online at espoo.terveytesi.fi. You can only switch health centres once a year.
  • If your current health centre is not Oma Lääkärisi Matinkylä, this change will not affect you. Your services will still be available at your current health centre.
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