Economically Sustainable Espoo programme steers the development of our school network

24.11.2021 16.39Updated: 25.11.2021 12.14

The City of Espoo school network will be developed by seeking larger school units in accordance with the Economically Sustainable Espoo programme approved by the City Council. City staff and residents will be heard on the matter as part of the preparation process.

Espoo’s basic education service network will be developed by seeking larger school units with benefits such as more flexible teaching groups, wider range of languages and optional subjects, and the possibility to support students in a variety of talents. Larger school units also improve pupil welfare services and the possibilities for arranging special support and language and cultural groups’ teaching. Another goal is also to cut rental and operating costs. The Growth and Learning Committee will address the matter at its meetings school-specifically.

The position of permanent staff has been secured

For the part of Finnish-language basic education, the review will be started at Nuuksion koulu. The position of permanent staff has been secured in the change, and a new school will be sought for all of them in Espoo by the beginning of the year at the latest. Temporary staff will also be needed in the future.

Impacts on children will be considered in the preparation process

The preparation process will be launched with a description of the current situation and by conducting a preliminary assessment of the effects of the change. In addition to cost effects, the assessment will consider, among other things, the predicted number of pupils in different areas and the effects that changing schools will have on the children’s daily lives.

School pupils, local community and city residents will all be given the opportunity to express their opinions during the school network change preparation process. An open resident event will be held at Nuuksion koulu on Thursday, 16 December, and more details on the event will be made available on the City of Espoo's website.

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