Leppävaara outdoor pool open until 1o October

22.9.2021 5.12

The Leppävaara outdoor pool will be open until 10 October. The outdoor pool will open every day at 10:00.

The Leppävaara outdoor pool will be open until 10 October. The outdoor pool will open every day at 10:00.

The reason for opening the pool later is that we want to make sure that it is safe to walk in the pool area. After mid-September, temperatures may drop below zero at night and the walking areas around the pools are dangerously slippery in the morning.

Until 10 October:

  • The 50-metre pool will be open as usual.
  • The multi-purpose pool, the wading pool and the outdoor showers and water slide will be closed to prevent them from being damaged by sub-zero temperatures.

As the outdoor showers and toilets will be closed, please use the indoor showers before entering the outdoor pool.

We will keep you informed if we have to close the outdoor pool earlier than planned due to weather conditions.