The Espoo Hobby Path to be launched in October

30.9.2021 12.17

Espoo pupils will have more recreational opportunities when Espoo’s Hobby Path is launched.

The Espoo Hobby Path supplements schools’ club activities and free-of-charge Wau and Jumppi sports groups at schools.

39 operators signed up to provide recreational services through the summer application process. 
These include, for example, art schools, clubs and companies. 

Recreational activities will be launched during the autumn in connection with Espoo schools according to the wishes of children and young people and the facilities provided by the schools. The wishes of pupils in Espoo have focused on, for example, parkour, the media and cooking. 

The service providers’ offers will be put out to tender and the first hobbies organised at schools will start at the end of October.

Libraries are the first to launch the Hobby Path

Hobbies will be available in the libraries of Espoo already in early October, when the Hobby Path-related workshop activities for children and young people start on 11 October. 

Entresse every other Friday at 16–18
Ison Omena Library on Thursdays at 16–18
Sello Library every other Tuesday at 15–17 
Soukka Library on Wednesdays at 16–18
Tapiola Library on Mondays at 13–15

The precise schedules can be found on the Helmet website(external link) and at the libraries.

Espoo Hobby Path follows the Finnish model for hobbies(external link) of the Ministry of Education and Culture, the aim of which is to increase the wellbeing of children and young people. The objective is to enable every child and young person to have a free-of-charge and meaningful hobby at their own school or in its vicinity.   

The whole Espoo