The first wooden office building in Keilaniemi

13.8.2021 6.26
Wooden-structured office building Keilaniemen Portti.
Photo: Architects Soini & Horto

Planning is currently underway on the construction of a large wooden office building at the south end of the Ring Road I tunnel in Keilaniemi.

The seaside office building to be constructed next to the metro station and the terminus of the upcoming Jokeri Light Rail line will be the first wooden building in Keilaniemi.

This is the flagship project of Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company, Keilaniemen Portti, which highlights solutions that support sustainable development. The planned size of the office building is 17,900 m2. The statuesque and unique appearance of the building will serve as an impressive entrance to Keilaniemi. The building will also feature a sloping green roof, which will become a highly recognisable and important part of the cityscape.

”Keilaniemen Portti is a great addition to the nationally notable concentration of businesses in Keilaniemi and the area’s head office profile. Espoo wants to promote sustainable construction, of which this wooden office building located at the rail transport hub serves as an excellent example. The project will contribute to the City’s carbon neutrality objectives in many ways,” states Head of Espoo Technical and Environment Services Olli Isotalo.

“The aim is for Varma’s climate-friendly investment portfolio, i.e. our climate allocation, to cover 20% of all of our investments by 2025. We are also aiming for a carbon-neutral investment portfolio by 2035. In the construction of new buildings, we strive to utilise energy-efficient building solutions and eco-friendly materials. Being a wooden office building, Keilaniemen Porttti is perfectly in line with these objectives. The building’s location at the heart of Keilaniemi naturally supports its accessibility as well,” states Investment Director and Head of Real Estate Ilkka Tomperi from Varma.

The new office building’s parking spaces will be constructed primarily underground. The plan is to integrate the building into the new underground car park to be built into the bedrock. The underground car park will include approximately 3,000 parking spaces.

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