Futuro house

The Futuro house, an icon of the space-age architecture and a vision of its time, still fascinates people. The exhibitions offer visitors a comprehensive view into the experimental forms and optimistic ideas of modernism.

The first ever mass-produced Futuro house (no. 001) at Exhibition Centre WeeGee in Tapiola, Espoo.Photo: Emma Suominen

Matti Suuronen: Futuro

From 16 May to 17 September 2023 on WeeGee's opening hours

The Exhibition Centre WeeGee has acquired the first ever mass-produced Futuro house (no. 001), which was owned by Matti Kuusla from summer 1968 to autumn 2011 and located in Hirvensalmi in Finland. After being carefully restored, the house opened in WeeGee’s yard in 2012. The Futuro house is open to public from mid-May to mid-September during WeeGee’s regular opening hours.

Author: Kinotar Oy