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A picture of Olli Isotalo.

Olli Isotalo

Deputy Mayor, Urban Environment Director
A picture of Antti Mäkinen.

Antti Mäkinen

Project Director+358 50 593 1339

Tapiola, Otaniemi & Keilaniemi

A picture of Jarmo Kulmala.

Jarmo Kulmala

Project Director+358 43 826 6846

Niittykumpu, Olari & Haukilahti

Picture of Kimmo Leivo.

Kimmo Leivo

Project Director+358 50 340 9723

Finnoo, Matinkylä, Kivenlahti & Espoonlahti

A picture of Mika Rantala.

Mika Rantala

Project Director+358 46 877 2843


A picture of Mikko Kivinen.

Mikko Kivinen

Project Director+358 43 824 9578

Espoon keskus

A picture of Pekka Vikkula.

Pekka Vikkula

Project Director+358 46 877 2601

Kera & Suurpelto

A picture of Hanna Jokitöyrä.

Hanna Jokitöyrä

Marketing and Communications Manager+358 40 636 8217
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