Espoonlahti – a maritime urban area

Espoonlahti is an area on the south-west coast of Espoo. It is known for its seaside atmosphere and wonderful recreation opportunities.

Espoonlahti will be a future transit hub of south-west Espoo and the increasing stream of passengers provides huge potential for retail, business and residential developments.

In Espoonlahti, urban housing blends in with nature. The long, impressive vistas of Espoonlahti are being preserved and the characteristics of the island-type city structure emphasised.

Espoonlahti is currently the second largest of Espoo’s city centres. The number of inhabitants is expected to double by 2050.

Distance from Helsinki Central Railway Station to Espoonlahti is 28 minutes by metro.

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Shopping center Lippulaiva also serves as an entrance to metro station.Photo: Noora Nilsén / MySome

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