Culture tips for young people

Are you looking for something to do after school? See your favourite artist in concert, find new activities at libraries or visit museums and exhibitions in Espoo. Check out the tips on cultural activities and events for young people in Espoo!

Lukupilvessä – an event series for digital reading 13 April – 8 June

The Lukupilvessä (‘Cloud Reading’) event series at Sello Library is intended for everyone interested in e-reading. We invite guests on our reading cloud to discuss the various phenomena related to digital reading. You can attend the events at the library or via streaming at home on the YouTube channel of Espoo City Library.

Exhibitions at WeeGee

What was Espoo like 50 years ago? Learn about Espoo in the 1960s and 70s through the ‘It Once Happened’ photo exhibition by Teuvo Kanerva. The exhibition is on display at KAMU Espoo City Museum at WeeGee. The Mauri Kunnas exhibition has something to see and experience for the whole family! The exhibition on the life and career of Mauri Kunnas is a permanent exhibition at WeeGee.

Libraries offer plenty to do

Do you know what you can do at libraries? Libraries have more than books: they offer gaming consoles, music studios, 3D printers, board games and sewing machines, just to name a few things. Libraries have room for hanging out with friends and doing things together Read more about libraries’ events below.

Leikki – the Museum of Play

Step into the fascinating world of play and games at Leikki Museum! Leikki Museum offers fun and inspiring activities for all ages. Free entry to the museum for everyone aged under 18 or over 70.

Youth events

8.6.2023 17.00 – 18.00 EET/EESTSello Library
  • Libraries
  • Cultural events
  • Literature
  • Leppävaara
30.9.2023 19.00 – 20.00 EET/EESTKannusali
  • Music
  • Cultural events
  • Espoon keskus
9.11.2023 19.00 – 20.20 EET/EESTSello Hall
  • Music
  • Cultural events
  • Leppävaara