The Implementation Pathway for Environments that Accelerate Sustainable Growth (KETO)

The Implementation Pathway for Environments that Accelerate Sustainable Growth project develops cooperation between businesses, educational institutes and research organisations, and creates concrete development environments to promote the green transition and digitalisation. The project will implement quickly-adoptable solutions and work on building the foundation for future jobs and competitive advantages. The project is implemented in cooperation with VTT, Aalto University, Omnia and partner companies.

The project will create three development environments in which different actors can jointly develop, implement and test new sustainable solutions for challenges related to urban development, digitalization, traffic, energy and the circular economy. The co-creation in development environments aims for new services and products as well as diversified forms of business and employment. The solutions created can then be shared and used in other parts of Finland and abroad.

The development environments are

  • Otaniemi-Keilaniemi research and development environment for energy and mobility solutions
  • Kera area for clean and smart constructions
  • Kiviruukki agile test environment demonstrations related to the food system and the circular economy

The project is divided into six parts, the coordination responsibility of which is divided among the project implementers.

  1. Management and impact (city of Espoo)
  2. Smart and clean city (city of Espoo)
  3. Digitalization opportunities (Aalto university)
  4. Clean tech demonstrations (Omnia)
  5. Energy transition and electrification of transport (VTT)
  6. Sustainable public procurement, citizen engagement and communication (city of Espoo)

The project is funded by European Union’s REACT-EU ERDF and is part of the European Union’s response to the covid-19 pandemic.

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