Kannusali principles for safer space

In this place, we care about each other and take each other into consideration

Principles for safer space Espoo cultural services

We want everyone to feel welcome and safe at the facilities and events of Espoo's cultural services. That is why we have adopted the principles for safer space.

The principles for safer space apply to all customers, visitors, employees and performers at Kannusali's premises and events.


I take others into consideration

  • I make sure my behaviour does not hurt or offend anyone on purpose.
  • I respect others in a conversation. 
  • If someone needs help, I will help them. 
  • I also ask for help for myself.
  • I listen when someone speaks to me.


I show equal respect to everyone

  • I know we are all different. That is why I let everyone be themselves.
  • I understand that my beliefs of others are not always right. That is why it is better that I do not judge anyone based on their disability, age, gender, language or religion, for example.
  • When I speak, I use words that take everyone into account.


I do not harass or discriminate against others

  • I do not speak or behave in a way that discriminates against others or degrades others. For example, I do not speak or act in a racist way. I will also not discriminate against different sexual orientations. 
  • I let everyone’s bodies be in peace. Everyone has a right not to be touched, and I respect that right.
  • I make sure not to harass anyone with my behaviour on purpose. For example, I do not stare, point a finger, threaten, touch or come too close to others.
  • If someone thinks my behaviour is uncomfortable or offensive, I will change my behaviour.


I will intervene in harassment and discrimination

  • I will tell a member of staff if I am worried about something at the location or event. For example, if I notice that someone does not feel safe.
  • I give myself and others the opportunity to enjoy culture.


If I notice any issues at this location or event, I will report them immediately. I will call this phone number: +358 46 8771859 and can also send an email to kannusali@espoo.fi.  


These principles were drawn up in co-operation with customers and employees of Espoo's cultural services between 2022 and 2023.

The principles of a safer space are written in plain language.

If you would like to know more about these principles or if you have any questions, please contact us. You can send an email to kannusali@espoo.fi.