History online

Espoo City Museum KAMU is continuously producing new history content online. KAMU’s History Online page lists all the museum’s digital content and online services. Through the virtual museums and exhibitions you can visit five locations in Espoo during five different eras, step into the atmospheric old farmstead of Glims and visit an old fisherman’s home on the island of Pentala. Mobile guides will help you immerse yourself in the historical content, and KAMU’s YouTube channel will provide you with information and talks connected to the exhibitions, among other things. You can easily access the digital services with your computer or mobile device.

360-degree virtual museums and exhibitions

Virtual exhibition Everything and nothing – Architects Kaija + Heikki Siren

Now you can visit Everything and Nothing – Architects Kaija + Heikki Siren online! In virtual exhibition you can for example visit Otaniemi Chapel, designed by Sirens', which is usually open only on Tuesdays. The chapel is known for it's magnificent altarpiece that changes according to season. 
Virtual Exhibition Everything and Nothing – Architects Kaija + Heikki Siren(external link) 

A Thousand Stories About Espoo – a 360-degree virtual exhibition

A Thousand Stories About Espoo is a 360-degree virtual exhibition that illustrates five locations in Espoo during five eras: Stone Age seal hunters in Bosmalm, medieval farmers in Mankby, gentry and peasants in Alberga, factory workers in Kauklahti and urban life in the suburbs. The exhibition sheds light on how Espoo came to be, who its residents are and how the city evolved into what it is today. Enable full screen mode in the online exhibition for easier viewing.
A Thousand Stories About Espoo is a 360-degree virtual exhibition(external link)

Virtual Glims Farmstead Museum

The heart of Glims, a lovely old house, has been documented into a 360-degree virtual museum. Through the images, you can visit this 200-year-old home and hostelry even if the museum is closed or you are unable to travel to the physical location. Tilkki-Vihtori’s croft, turned into a shop in the early 20th century, has been visually recorded in the same way, allowing you to virtually browse through wares from days past. A virtual visit is easy to take on your computer or mobile device. 
Virtual Glims Farmstead Museum(external link)

Archipelago museum Pentala's virtual museum 

Archipelago Museum Pentala’s virtual exhibition introduces you to an old fishing estate, located on the island of Pentala in Espoo. The virtual exhibition improves access to the museum, because you can visit the museum remotely online if travelling by boat is not possible. Furthermore, the physical museum is only open in the summer, while the virtual museum can be visited year round. Currently, the virtual exhibition only includes some of the Archipelago Museum’s buildings, but KAMU’s aim is to expand it in the future to cover the entire Archipelago Museum Pentala. 
Archipelago Museum Pentala’s virtual museum(external link)

Virtual Lagstad School Museum takes you back to everyday school life

Virtual Museum Villa Rulludd

Villa Rulludd is a unique villa where the culturally active Kihlman family spent their summers for a hundred years. Villa Rulludd has been a place for enjoying villa life, celebrating summer and breaking away from the routines of urban life from 1873 until 1980 when it was acquired by the City of Espoo. Today, the upstairs of the building houses the Villa Museum.

With the Virtual Museum Villa Rulludd you can visit the villa and look at the photographs about the summer life that were taken by the Kihlman family even if the museum is closed or you are unable to travel to the physical location.

Take a digital Sunday stroll to Villa Rulludd to enjoy the villa atmosphere! Open the Virtual Museum Villa Rulludd.(external link)

The virtual exhibitions and museums have been created together with VReal as part of Espoo’s Digital Agenda and the 6Aika: Smart Learning Environments of the Future project.

Mobile guides

Learn more about a historical site with the help of mobile museum guides, either at the physical location or in the comfort of your own home! The mobile guides will introduce you to Archipelago Museum Pentala, Villa Museum Rulludd, Träskända Manor Park, the history of Tapiola and Leppävaara’s battle sites from the Finnish Civil War of 1918. The mobile guides can be used on mobile devices and computers that have an internet connection.
Seinätön museo (‘A museum without walls’)(external link)

Living images from past and present on Youtube

KAMU Espoo City Museum’s YouTube channel has fun and fascinating videos about Espoo’s history. For example, you can find the Espoon Helmet talks. 

Furthermore, the channel contains the short film Searching for the Red Moose – Mission in Espoo, illustrating the change of Espoo’s landscape over the past century. The main character encounters weird newcomers in strange places as he searches for the mark he once left in Espoo.
KAMU Espoo City Museum’s YouTube channel(external link)

Ekm.Finna.fi – The museum's historical materials on a single search 

What did Espoo used to look like? Discover selected treasures from the City Museum’s collections via the Finna.fi search service online. Finna is continuously publishing new images and other material. Try browsing through Asuntosäätiö’s material from Tapiola, Kivenlahti or Soukka, for example. All material published in Finna may be freely used.
Ekm.Finna.fi(external link)

Learning materials on Espoo's history

Browse through remote exercises about Tapiola’s architecture or take an inspiring journey around the architecture of Kaija and Heikki Siren.
Perhaps you are looking for interesting material for group work during a class or ways of teaching how to find information safely? Finna’s Luokkahuone service is a collection of material packages tailored for comprehensive and upper secondary school curricula that can be utilised to teach history, social studies, Finnish language and literature, and art, to name a few. The service also contains printable exercises and reference material for teachers that provide an effortless overview of the online content that we offer.
Learning materials (in Finnish)


The museum's historical materials in Finna. Croquet in the garden of Toppelund Gård (1908-1914).