Waste sorting on construction, demolition and renovation sites is the most efficient way to promote waste recovery. By sorting, you can also save on waste collection fees. Construction waste must be sorted into waste suitable for recovery, such as:

  • non-impregnated wood waste
  • cardboard
  • metals
  • plastics
  • bricks, tiles and concrete
  • insulation wool
  • plaster boards.

Hazardous waste must be sorted separately. Hazardous waste from construction sites includes:

  • liquid paints, adhesives and varnishes
  • turpentine and other cleaning solvents
  • pressure-impregnated wood
  • asbestos
  • pressure packs, such as aerosol cans (emitting sloshing or fizzing sounds)
  • fluorescent tubes.

You can find information about construction waste sorting and reception facilities, for example, on the HSY website(external link)