Our Espoo 20X0 – Themed evenings introduce the future of Espoo

How will major changes in the world be reflected in our home city? How will we improve our residents’ opportunities to influence?  How are nature and people’s well-being interlinked in Espoo? What will everyday life in Espoo look like in 20X0? Dive into the changes in Espoo from the comfort of your home or at Omnia’s premises in Tapiola.

  • The themed evenings are lecture and discussion events with national-level experts as keynote speakers. 
  • The speeches will address the current situation and future of Espoo. 
  • During the panel discussion, the residents of Espoo will express their views on the future that they want for their city. 
  •  The events can be followed online or participated on site at Tapiola, if the corona situation allows. 
  • Please note! The events will be held in Finnish. 

Four evenings, four top speakers, four perspectives for change:

5 April 2022 Themed evening 4: Our Espoo 20X0 – Everyday time jump

15 March 2022 Themed evening 3:Our Espoo 20X0 – Nature and people (remote event).

15 February 2022 Themed evening 2: Our Espoo 20X0 – A city for people (remote event). 

18 January 2022 Themed evening 1: Our Espoo 20X0 – Winds of change (remote event)

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Espoo täyttää 50-vuotta

Meidän Espoo 20X0 -tapahtumat juhlistavat Espoon 50-vuotista taivalta kaupunkina. Tervetuloa mukaan koko vuoden jatkuvaan yhteiseen juhlaan! Tutustu Espoo 50 -vuoden tapahtumia esittelevään sivustoon Espoon kaupungin verkkosivuilla.

The whole Espoo