Our Espoo 20X0 – Come and talk about the future of your neighbourhood

How will the changes in the world reach different parts of Espoo? For whom, how and on what terms will the different neighbourhoods of Espoo be built? What are the fateful issues for the future in each neighbourhood, and how should they be addressed in urban planning? These issues will be explored in joint Timeout discussions between residents, decision-makers and urban planners in January–May. Join the discussion in your area and have your say on the future of your neighbourhood!

At the discussion events, we will talk about the future in different areas of Espoo. We will use the Timeout method developed by Sitra, which supports an equal, constructive and safe discussion. Each event can accommodate approximately 50 participants.

Small group discussions will be held in seven different neighbourhoods. There will also be two discussions on the future of Espoo as a whole:


Please note! The Timeout discussions will be held as face-to-face events if possible, but we will organise them online if it is necessary due to the coronavirus situation

Sign up for the events on Omnia’s Ilmonet.fi website (external link)

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