Children’s Saturday: Linnateatteri: Tatu ja Patu, elämä ja teot (SOLD OUT)

Kuva Tatu ja Patu -esityksestä.


25.3.2023 klo 15.00 – 16.00 EET/EEST


Sello Hall

Soittoniekanaukio 1 A, 02600 Espoo

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Sello Hall


  • €12,50 / Family ticket (incl. 4 persons) €42 + order fee (from €1,50),

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The time has come to lift the veil of secrets. Researchers Tatu and Patu, winners of the Nouhau foundation’s Noubel prize, take the stage. How did they become hobby human enthusiasts and how difficult were their teenage years? What is Outola, the wonderful world of wonders, as explained by them and imagined by others? The audience will also hear truths about Tatu and Patu’s childhood through means that are completely incomprehensible to the human mind.

Tatu ja Patu, elämä ja teot is filled with fun and weirdness, jubilant music, and unparalleled revelations. Linnateatteri’s new play is a surface scratch and a deep dive into the most famous brothers in Outola. Its information is based on interviews and the available archive material. However, the accuracy of some of the elements has not been fully verified.

The performance also includes strange letters.

Original piece: Aino Havukainen ja Sami Toivonen
Directed and adapted by: Sami Rannila
Actors: Nestori Kyyrä, Kalle Tulander
Costume design: Anniina Kuula
Stage set design: Niina Suvitie
Music: Kari Mäkiranta
Makeup: Minna Pilvinen
Stage set created by: Mikko Saaristo
Props and puppets: Nanna Mäkinen
Costumes made by: Kaarina Kopola, Kirsi Kiiskijärvi
Light and sound design: Kristian Uusitalo
Produced by: Harri Helin

Recommended for ages 3 and up.

Duration 50 min

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