Kauan kukkineet omenapuut

Seela Sella näyttämöllä


15.2.2023 klo 19.00 – 19.50 EET/EEST


Sello Hall

Soittoniekanaukio 1 A, 02600 Espoo

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Sello Hall


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Top author of Finnish short stories, Martti Joenpolvi and famous actress Seela Sella were born in the same year and celebrate their birthdays together with their performance titled Kauan kukkineet omenapuut.

The performance, based on Joenpolvi’s short story, is about Klaara who walks her own way. She lives in a retirement home and is not slowed down by the fact that she only has one leg. While death takes people around her, Klaara is busy living. Music for the performance has been composed by musician Anne-Mari Kivimäki, known from the band Suistamon Sähkö and her novel way of playing the Soviet-made accordion, Notka. The performance is short but powerful.

On stage: Seela Sella and Anne-Mari Kivimäki
Sound design: Tuomas Fränti
Light design: Lari Palander
Director: Kari Paukkunen

Duration 50 min

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