Digital Agenda

The City of Espoo’s aim is to promote the digitalisation of municipal services, utilisation of new technology, introduction of electronic services and adoption of new operating methods. These are the goals we have implemented in the Digital Agenda programme in 2015–2021.

The need for digitalisation always starts with the needs of the activities. We seek better profitability and cost effectiveness for municipal services and administration through digitalisation. We also want to create even more convenient and comprehensive services for our different customer segments.

Quick information through experiments

Espoo’s Digital Agenda has been based on experiments. They have lasted from a few months to a year.

In the experiments, we have tested product and service ideas and developed them with companies, educational institutions, research institutes and customers in the spirit of co-creation.

The experiments have quickly provided information about whether the tested service would have users, function as part of Espoo services and produce benefits for the city and customers.

Future solutions for multiple needs

Our aim with the Digital Agenda experiments has been to identify functional future solutions in the market that would meet the needs of the growing city’s core services. We have been looking for solutions that can be used in many different services and are suitable for different customer and user groups.

Digital experiments have also offered a way of introducing new digital services to our customers and personnel and establishing a culture of experimentation in Espoo. Through the experiments, our personnel have seen how future solutions may affect work tasks. We have also received information for procurement planning.

Our digital experiments have, for example, promoted the success of start-ups both nationally and internationally. Feedback from companies has been positive: products and services are being developed together with the city and its residents.

Some of our experiments have had research value – we have thus also confirmed the usefulness of our experiments in scientific terms.

Numerical facts

  • programme period: 2015–2021
  • annual budget: EUR 250,000
  • experiment proposals: over 150
  • experiments carried out: 20
  • experiments discontinued: 1
  • involved in experiments:
    • more than 6,000 residents and customers
    • more than 70 companies and communities
    • approximately 400 Espoo employees

Additional information