Story of Plastic – From Waste to Product

Increasing plastic recycling and looking for new applications for recycled plastics.

Plastic plays a key role in our society. As a material, it is cheap, lightweight, durable, versatile and has good protective properties. However, plastics must be used in a more sustainable manner. The problem is that unrecycled plastic is being burned and the raw material is wasted. Plastic recycling reduces climate emissions and saves natural resources.  

The separate collection of plastic packaging for consumers started a few years ago, but other plastics, such as so-called rigid plastics, are still poorly recycled. Both Finland and the EU aim to increase the recycling rate of plastic packaging to 55% by 2030. In order to achieve this goal, information and awareness-raising, behavioural change as well as new methods for recycling and utilising plastic waste, products and technologies are needed. There are still few products made from recycled plastic on the market. 

The objective of the project is to demonstrate the story of plastic, how a growing stream of plastic waste can be used to produce sustainable and low-carbon products. At the same time, efficient and user-friendly plastic collection methods suitable for schools are being developed and piloted. In addition, the knowledge and skills of citizens, especially children and young people, on the circular economy of plastic are improved. Citizens play an important role in adopting new modes of operation and increasing the recycling rate.  

Information is produced for companies on the handling, processing and product development of various types of plastics. In addition, the Story of Plastic ecosystem formed in cooperation with companies, research and educational organisations and other plastic operators improves the effectiveness of the project and strengthens the continuity of the launched cooperation.  

It is important for the development of sustainable competitiveness that during coronavirus and after the epidemic, the focus is on promoting new solutions together with the State, cities, RDI actors and businesses. The solutions being developed and piloted within the project serve also as examples for other cities in Finland and abroad and manifest in practice the “influential Finland” objective of the Government Programme. 

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