Support for learning and school-going

Support for learning and school-going aims at strengthening pupil's basic skills and preventing difficulties. Taking care of the pupil's growth and wellbeing is an essential part of the support.

Three-level model for support

Support for learning and school-going is grounded in a three-level model for support, in which support forms and structures intensify gradually. The three forms are general, intensified and special support. Support is arranged in the context of general instruction as often as it promotes the pupil's best interest.

Contact information

Special education services

040 634 3332

Support for learning and school-going, applying for special support, decision-making, advice.

Please contact primarily the principal of the school in matters of special education.

For information on special education services, you can contact our education planners via email and during the application period by phone from Tuesday to Thursday between 13:00 and 15:00, tel. 040 634 3332. 

Guidance in special education services is currently congested, so responses may take longer than usual. Please contact us primarily by email.