Career Club

The Career Club is City of Espoo's career development program.

What is the Career club?

At the Career Club, highly educated people living in Espoo can work on their career development. We focus on gaining skills, knowledge and networks, and strongly support our participants' agency and self-determination.  

Career Club groups - 

The Career Club groups consist of 8 group meetings once a week and 2 events. You and your group will get the fundamental skills needed to develop your career, and you will all think, practice and discuss together. You will meet guests, get opportunities to grow your networks, and overall, take a few hours each weeks for yourself and your own career development in Finland.  

How does it work?

You will first learn and practice three fundamental career development skills (self-reflection, environment mapping and goals setting). You will then be divided into 2 groups, each with a different approach, and work on different topics. In both groups, you might receive information about job openings or opportunities based on your profile. You are expected to join all the sessions. 

Group A – broad and low-threshold.  

  • Discussions as well as individual and group exercises.
  • No assignments between sessions. 
  • External guests.

Our themes are, among others, Finnish work culture, family and work or meeting with Espoo employees for a relaxed Q&A session. We will make sure that our participants get as many opportunities as possible to interact with a wide range of diverse professionals. 

Read the detailed agenda on our page "get to know Espoo Career Club". (extrernal link) 

Group B – focused and intensive.  

  • Mainly individual exercises and group discussions. 
  • Assignments between sessions. 
  • External guests.

Our sessions combine the Self-Hack method (life design techniques applied to career planning) to content developed by the City of Espoo. We will focus on defining and reaching concrete career related goals and results.  

Read the detailed agenda on our page "get to know Espoo Career Club". (extrernal link) 

Career Club events, training and networking 

We strongly believe that networking doesn't only happen in networking events. In our events, we will interact with a wide range of guests and professionals, and network in a different set-up than formal networking events.  

Since our launch,  we have collaborated with professionals who came to share their knowledge, to connect and to take part in discussions and hands-on workshops with our participants. 

If you don’t want to join a group but want us to keep you posted about our activities, fill up this form(extrernal link).  

Read the detailed agenda on our page "get to know Espoo Career Club". (extrernal link) 


The Career Club is free of charge and our activities are in English. 

How do I join?

Career Club groups

You need to apply to join the Career Club groups.

Round 4 starts on 2.9.2022 and ends on 28.10.2022 . 

The application will open on 22.6.2022 until 20.7.2022. Round 4 will start on 2.9.2022.  Apply here.(extrernal link)


Do you want us to keep you posted about upcoming application periods? Fill up this form(extrernal link)!

To participate, you must fit the basic requirements :    

- be highly educated ( 3 years in the higher education system). 

- live in Espoo.   

- have a sufficient level of English to take part in our discussions and read our material.   

We will select the participants based on: 

  • our basic requirements;  
  • order of application; 
  • the content of your application form (goals, motivation and understanding of what is the Career Club). 

Our groups have limited seats.

The Career Club is a low-threshold career development program. Nationality, unemployment status, gender, age or area of expertise are not criteria to get in. All highly educated people living in Espoo are welcome to apply. 

Selection process :  

  • Application period (around 3 weeks). 
  • Invitation to a one-way video interview.
  • Decisions sent (around 3 weeks - 1 month before the round starts).

Can I do both? 

Of course! You are more than welcome to join both groups if you're up for a challenge! The topics and contents are built in a way that there are no repetitions.  You can apply to both groups through the same application form. You can also join one group now, and the other in the next round.


Career Club events

You can register to each event separately. You'll find our calendar and links on our page "get to know Espoo Career Club(extrernal link)".

Do you want us to keep you posted about upcoming events and activities? Fill up this form(extrernal link)!


Program's agenda - September-October 2022

The groups will be in person at Talent Hub (Tekniikantie 4 C, Otaniemi, Espoo) or other locations. We will inform the participants.

Agenda (You can read the detailed content of the sessions here(extrernal link)).

I. Fundamental skills (common sessions for groups A and B)

  • Friday 2.9.2022, from 9.30 to 12.30 : session 1, "Opening session and introduction to reflective skills". 
  • Wednesday 7.9.2022, from 9.30-12.30: session 2, "Environment mapping".  
  • Wednesday 14.9.2022, from 9.30-12.30: session 3, "Setting goals". 

II. Group session

  • Wednesday 21.9.2022, from 10 to 12 : session 4 group A, "Finnish work culture" and/or from 13.30 to 16 : session 4 group B, "Ideate".

III. TalentBoost Bootcamp event

  • Thursday 22.9.2022, from 10 to 16. 

IV. Group session

  • Wednesday 28.9.2022, from 9.30 to 12 : session 5 group A, "Q&A session" and/or from 13.30 to 16 : session 5 group B, company visit.

V. Task focused job applications

  • Wednesday 5.10.2022, from 9.30 to 16 : session 6, "Task focused job applications". Common session for groups A and B.

VI. TalentMatch recruitment event

  • Tuesday 11.10.2022, from 10-18.

VII. Closing themes

  • Wednesday 26.10.2022, from 10 to 12 : session 7 group A, " Factors influencing your career development" and/or from 13.30 to 16 : session 7 group B, " Assignments debriefing".
  • Friday 28.10.2022, from 17 to 19 : session 8, "Closing session and party", common for groups A and B. 


What about spouses?

Did you move to Finland because your partner got a job offer here? Do you live in Espoo and wish to work on your career?  

Welcome to the Career Club! 

We believe that being a spouse is only one aspect of your identity! 

That is why we will make sure  that you  get the opportunity to interact with diverse groups of Talents, employers and local communities. 

Participants in the Career Club are highly educated people living in Espoo, and do not need to be spouses to apply. 

Useful links for spouses : 

Espoo’s services for spouses page(extrernal link) gathers relevant links for spouses.  

The Spouse program(extrernal link) is a community of spouses in the Capital Region.  

For employers

We have welcomed guests, from public, private and third sectors. 

They have shared their knowledge, but have also interacted with our participants and enjoyed connecting with highly educated, focused and goal-oriented Talents. 

We are currently developing our cooperation strategy with employers around 3 main action points:

- Inform companies about the different services available in Espoo to support international talents (spouses, students and others) in their career development. Feel free to contact us (contact at the bottom of the page) if you wish to receive tailored information.

- Connect through spontaneous and two-ways networking opportunities for all professionals, guests and participants. Feel free to contact us (contact at the bottom of the page) if you wish to know more about being a guest at the Career Club!

- Build together open, fair and skill-based recruitment and working environments. Would you like us to help you find your next employee? Do you want to join us in building useful trainings for both job-seekers and employers? Get in touch with us (contact at the bottom of the page)!


Our guests gave us an average NPS of 9.8/10!

Next application round : January 2023

The application period for round 4 is now closed. 

Next application round : January 2023. 

Fill up this form if you want to be informed about our upcoming activities and application periods : fill up this form(extrernal link).  


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