What is Business Espoo?

Business Espoo is a service network for companies and entrepreneurs in Espoo and the surrounding municipalities, formed by seven organisations. Our goal is to increase the number of jobs and vitality in Espoo by producing customer-oriented, cost-effective and high-quality services for companies and entrepreneurs.

Together for the customer

We at Business Espoo work to ensure that every company that either operates or considers operating in the area knows our services and how to benefit from them. We systematically examine the changing needs of companies during different stages of their life cycle and test and produce innovative solutions to these challenges. We provide advice on starting and developing a business, finding competent workers, international recruitment, internationalisation and growth. We strengthen expertise within companies through training and help companies and investors find the right contacts. Business Espoo also offers companies and entrepreneurs numerous networking opportunities through its training and other events.

The following organisations serve entrepreneurs and companies in the Business Espoo network:

Watch Business Espoo´s video.Author: Business Espoo

Watch video on the Business Espoo´s YouTube channel(external link)

”Business Espoo - “This is how the service centre for companies was created” -handbook

The handbook “Business Espoo - Näin luotiin yritysten palvelutori” about the Business Espoo business service network provides a comprehensive description of the background and formation of the network as well as the challenges and lessons learned from the perspective of the City of Espoo in particular. The handbook is intended for those involved in Business Espoo, experts in the Business Services, city developers and those who work extensively with networks.

The handbook “Näin luotiin yritysten palvelutori” is divided into clear sections:

  1. Background of the birth of Business Espoo; the goals and the concept of the Service Centre
  2. Establishment of Business Espoo, mapping the customers and services, service packages, the operating method and communications
  3. Network management, network capability, co-creation
  4. Challenges and lessons learned, reaching the goals, next steps

The original handbook is in Finnish(external link) (pdf, accessible).
An English translation of the handbook(external link) (pdf, accessible).

The handbook was implemented with funding from 6Aika – Ecosystems of Growth. Read more about 6Aika-strategy.  

Contact us!

Tel. +358 50 5130321
Email: info@businessespoo.fi
Street address: Otakaari 5 A, 02150 Espoo

If you would like to visit any of the Business Espoo organisations at A Grid, please book an appointment by phone or email.

How to get here

Taking the metro? The Aalto University metro station (Otaniementie main entrance) is only 650 metres, in other words an 8-minute walk from A Grid.

Coming by car? Make sure you have enough time to look for parking. There are plenty of parking spaces in Otaniemi, but there are also many cars. At times it can be difficult to find a parking spot. There is a parking lot opposite the A Grid building (a charge applies by EasyPark app or by ParkMan app). 
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