Youth Pride Café in Espoo praised for its atmosphere and community spirit

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Published: 17.5.2022 5.04

The Youth Pride Café (Nuorten Pride-kahvila) opened in the autumn of 2021 at Ohjaamotalo in Leppävaara. The Pride Café is open on Wednesdays from 16:30 to 19:30 at Lintuvaarantie 2. Visitors to the café are primarily LGBT+ teens aged 13 to 17.

At the café, young people can engage in free-form activities, such as chatting and playing games, but each session also has a theme. Themes include, for example, making waffles or badges, spring planting, arts and crafts or doing manicures. You can find more detailed information on the café’s Instagram page (Nuorten Pride-kahvila).

Photo: Heikki Kemppainen

We asked three young people visiting the Pride Café why they chose to spend their evening there.

Why do you visit the Pride Café?

Puro, 15: “I like the people here. Otherwise, I would just sit at home bored. And with homework to do.”
Vensku, 15: “I like the atmosphere, and I have fun here.”
Sara, 17: “Because of my friends and the community spirit.”

How long have you been coming to the Pride Café?

Puro: “Less than six months.”
Vensku: “About seven months.”
Sara: “Since it was opened in the autumn of 2021.”

How often do you visit the Pride Café?

Puro: “Almost every week.”
Vensku: “Every Wednesday.”
Sara: “Every Wednesday.”

What is the best thing about this place?

Puro: “The people.”
Vensku: “The food.”

Outreach Youth Worker Marjo Holmqvist, who is the Pride Café intended for?

“The Youth Pride Café is intended for young people aged 13 to 17 who are interested in LGBT+ activities.

Youth Pride Café

Opening hours: Wednesdays 16:30–19:30
Place: Ohjaamotalo’s Starttipiste, Lintuvaarantie 2, Espoo
For whom: For young people aged 13–17
Staff: Youth workers from the Helsinki Pride community and Espoo’s Youth Services.
An LGBT+ teen is a young person who belongs to a sexual and/or gender minority.

Closed for the summer from 26 May to 23 August 2022.


Text Heikki Kemppainen
Photo Heikki Kemppainen

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