I am lonely

  • Youth Work
5.7.2022 6.19Updated: 29.8.2022 9.41
  • At Starttipiste , you can meet with, for example, an ONNI well-being counsellor before noon on Wednesdays.
  • Through Starttipiste, you can also make an appointment with a substance abuse and mental health nurse for Monday to Friday.
  • Ohjaamotalo’s Olotila services provide the opportunity to play games and take part in other fun activities or simply talk about things that are important to you; 15:00–18:00, intended for ages 18–32. The Olotila activities take place at Starttipiste. Olotila activities are also available in other locations, read more EMY activities for young adults(extrernal link)(external link)
  • ONNI organises the Jännittäjät group for socially anxious people at Ohjaamotalo, if you are in need of this kind of assistance. You can be directed to the group through Starttipisteeltä, for example. 
  • Ohjaamotalo also regularly organises the Tunteella ja taidolla (Through emotion and skill) group, which teaches emotional skills. You can apply for a place in the group through Starttipiste
  • Tips for free time activities are available here