Our Espoo 20X0 – Let’s talk about the future of our city

How will global changes be reflected in Espoo? For whom, how and under what terms is Espoo being built? These questions were explored in a series of themed evenings, neighbourhood discussion events and a workshop organised by Espoo Adult Education Centre and the City of Espoo. The series included a total of 14 events, which were held over January–May 2022. The city of the future is made by discussion! Take a look at the results which will be utilised in the preparation of Espoo’s new master plan.

Our Espoo 20X0 report published

Our Espoo 20X0 event material has now been analysed. Themed evening chat discussions and visions at the workshop were recorded and scribes wrote detailed notes at the themed evenings. Find out what the people of Espoo think of their home town, the local environment and their future.

The Our Espoo 20X0 events brought together residents, experts and elected officials – at the request of residents. The future themes were explored by the top experts in their fields. The discussion events and workshop gave everyone an opportunity to voice their opinions as equals.

The events were free of charge and open to everyone in Espoo. The series was organised by Espoo’s Urban Planning Department and centre of excellence for sustainable development and Espoo Adult Education Centre.

The results of the events will be used in Espoo’s planning and to improve the opportunities for residents to participate, as well as in the training offered by Espoo Adult Education Centre.

INQUIRIES, CITY OF ESPOO: Heli-Maija Nevala, +358 (0)40 504 8418, heli-maija.nevala@espoo.fi

INQUIRIES, ESPOO ADULT EDUCATION CENTRE: Tuula Alanko, +358 (0)50 309 5702, tuula.alanko@omnia.fi