Matinkylä indoor swimming pool

Swimming pools: 8-lane swimming pool (50 m) +27° Teaching pool +31° Multi-purpose/rehabilitation pool +30° Wading pool +31° Cold water pool +7° There is a cafe, a gym and a sports hall in the same building. You can access these facilities using your gym wristband unless they have been reserved for other activities.

Contact information

Matinkylä indoor swimming poolTynnyritie 6,02230 Espoo+358 40 636 5589

Opening hours

Entrance hours Mon 6 - 20 Tue 10 - 20 Wed 6 - 20 Thu 7 - 20 Fri 7 - 20 Sat 8 - 20 Sun 8 - 20. The swimming time ends 40 minutes after the cash desk is closed. The hall is closed an hour after the cash desk is closed.

The teaching pool is reserved for primary schools' swimming lessons from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 13:15 during the autumn and spring semester. In addition, half of the pool is marked off with a rope and reserved for swimming lessons from 13:15 to 14:15.

Exceptional opening hours due to public holidays(extrernal link)

Additional information

Fees(extrernal link)

Hydrohex-vesijumppien aikataulu(extrernal link)

Therapy pool (in Finnish)(extrernal link)

Gym (in Finnish)(extrernal link)

Cafe Kylä(extrernal link)

Meeting room reservations (in Finnish)(extrernal link)

Matinkylä Swimming Hall has now been completed: the brand-new facility utilises renewable energy in its heating(extrernal link)

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