Located in Suvisaaristo, Pentala is the highest island in Southern Finland. The City of Espoo owns approximately half of the island. The Archipelago Museum is located on the northeastern shore and, in the summer, scheduled archipelago boats take visitors to the island. The nature conservation area sets restrictions on how the island can be used. You cannot build a fire or spend the night on the island. Dogs must be kept on a leash. Spending the night, camping, building a fire and smoking are not allowed in the city-owned area. The seashore is only accessible from the museum area and the Diksand beach. Landing a motorboat at the Diksand beach is prohibited. The beach is part of the nature conservation area. There is also a nature trail (2.3 km) on the island. Pentala Island has no official beaches for swimming or supervised beaches. However, swimming is possible on the Diksand beach and the northeastern part of Lake Pentalanjärvi.

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