Leppävaara indoor swimming pool

Swimming pools: - Big pool 25 m, 8 tracks - Learner's pool - Therapy pool 10x17m - 2 hot tubs - Cold water pool - Wading pool - Diving pool 15x25m, depth 5m - Diving platforms, 3 m and 5 m - Diving boards, 1 m and 3 m Regular saunas and steam saunas. The city's Premises Department is responsible for cleaning and maintenance tasks at the Leppävaara swimming pool, including repairs to the showers, saunas and swimming pool areas.

Contact information

Leppävaara indoor swimming poolVeräjäpellonkatu 15,02650 Espoo+358 9 8165 7570

Opening hours

Entrance hours: Mon 7-20 / Tue 6-20 / Wed 10-20 / Thu 6-20 / Fri 7-20 / Sat 9-19 / Sun 9-19. The swimming time ends 40 minutes after the cash desk is closed. The hall is closed an hour after the cash desk is closed.

Opening hours of the lido are on lido's own webpage.

Exceptional entrance hours (due to competitions, events, maintenance etc.): Closed 24 June -14 august 2022. The swimming pool cash desk closes on Sat 20.8. at 2.00pm.

Therapy pool (in Finnish)(extrernal link)

Diving pool, diving platform (B) (in Finnish)(extrernal link)

Diving pool, diving boards (C) (in Finnish)(extrernal link)

Gym (in Finnish)(extrernal link)

EXCEPTIONAL OPENING HOURS due to public holidays(extrernal link)

Additional information

Fees(extrernal link)

Hydrohex-vesijumppien aikataulu (ei saavutettava)(extrernal link)

Café Windyday(extrernal link)

Other services: Café Windyday and a gym.

Leppävaara Outdoor Swimming Pool / Lido(extrernal link)

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