Tuomarilan koulu

Tuomarilan koulu is situated in Central Espoo, near the Central Park area. There are about 220 grade 1 to 6 students in our school. Our aim is to offer our students good basic education using versatile learning and teaching methods. Our aim is to educate our students so that (as members of society) they become socially attentive and have a healthy self-esteem. Teaching environmental consciousness to our students is part of our curriculum.

Contact information

Tuomarilan kouluPuistotie 13,02760 Espoo+358 9 8164 3561etunimi.sukunimi@espoo.fi

Postal address:P.O. Box 76301, 02070 ESPOO CITY

Contact persons

Rehtori Timo Turtiainen +358 50 064 9843 timo.turtiainen@espoo.fi

Apulaisrehtori Jatta Vainio 050 406 4966


Tuomarilan koulu's website

Anna palautetta(external link)

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