Kirkkojärven koulu

Our school locates in awarded school facilities, opened in 2010. The school building is designed so that pupils of different ages divide in their own areas both during lessons and recesses. In addition to general education, our school offers special education classes in grades 5-9. Two groups provide instruction for pupils with an immigrant background, one in grades 3-6 and the other in grades 7-9. Two inclusive preparatory pre-primary education classes operate in the school as well. Our school has three RMMO classes (group-form instruction for immigrants), one of which is for grades 3-6 and two for grades 7-9. In our school, German can be studied as an optional A2 language beginning from grade 4, an as a B2 language beginning from grade 8. Our joint comprehensive school has ca. 730 pupils.

Contact information

Kirkkojärven kouluKotikyläntie 6,02770

Postal address:P.O. Box 3504, 02070 ESPOO CITY

Contact persons

Principal Maria Stenbacka +358 50 518 4300

Virka-apulaisrehtori Saila Törmälä +358 50 539 8668

Rehtoreita avustava opettaja Petri Järvinen +358 43 826 8037

Koulusihteeri Miina Palén +358 43 826 9983

Koulusihteeri Netta Tarpila +358 43 826 9983


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