Leppävaaran lukio

Leppävaara general upper secondary school has ca. 430 students. The school offers effective all-round education and is located within an easy commute. We have an open and encouraging atmosphere for studying and utilize modern technology. Leppävaara general upper secondary school has a sports programme. Altogether 80 of our students participate in professional sports coaching. The programme has separate admissions. We provide high-quality and flexible opportunities for combining professional sports and upper secondary studies. Our school co-operates with the Capital Region Sports Academy URHEA. All students enjoy our versatile selection of sports courses. In many sucjects, applied courses are offered. In natural sciences, for example, it is possible to complete work courses, in mathematics, one can immerse oneself in symbolic computation, in Finnish, history, religion/ethics and other sciences, one can participate in debating courses, and in languages, one can choose the basics of Italian. We offer also a combined French and social studies course on internationality, which includes a trip to Brussels. The combined course of Swedish and history includes a visit to Uppsala in Sweden, and in physics, there has been an opportunity to participate in a CERN-course. As regards music, students can participate in making a musical. Our school has taken part in a Not Only Fair Play -show. Our school also has the preparatory education for upper secondary (LUVA) programme. In addition, one can complete a general upper secondary education diploma in visual arts, dance and sports.

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Leppävaaran lukioKaraportti 2,02610 Espoo+358 50 569 9337

Postal address:P.O. Box 3134, 02070 ESPOO CITY


www.leppavaaranlukio.fi/(external link)

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