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Espoonlahti general upper secondary school (JYLLA) has a language-weighted curriculum. In addition to languages and international activities, we build the students' future by using the latest technology in our high-quality teaching and by offering courses on enterpreneurship, business field courses, business English and economic mathematics to students with a business-orientation. The large size of Jylla gives opportunities to the students. From our wide course selection, it is easy to choose one's courses and build the best way to accomplish one's education. When the compulsory and specialization studies are organized several times in the school-year, it is easier to construct a study schedule and the studies progress with a steady pace. The wide course selection enables the student to combine professional-level sports with upper secondary studies as well. The teachers and the student councellors help in planning the studies. Our wide course selection culminates in language teaching. Jylla has been awarded with the European Label - the excellent language teaching recognition. Several international projects are carried out yearly, which help the students gain experiences and practical language skills. In natural sciences, Jylla offers top-quality courses and prepare students for both the Matriculation Examination and further studies: refresher courses, school-specific working life courses, which utilize top-level laboratory equipment. The physics Cern-project takes students to Schwitzerland and acquaints them with nuclear research and to the university of Helsinki. All classrooms are equipped with extremely modern teaching technology. IPads, laptops and fast Wlan-connections are utilized in teaching. Jylla functions as a pilot school for testing the Googleapps for Education electronic environment and electronic course exams in preparation for the upcoming electronic Matriculation Examination. In addition to sports, music and art diplomas, the student may take a final test in speech communications (mother tongue) as well as accomplish a Sprachdiplom (German).

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Espoonlahden lukioOpettajantie 3,02360 Espoo+358 40 639 4511

Postal address:P.O. Box 3435, 02070 ESPOO CITY


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