Westendinpuiston koulu

Westendinpuiston koulu is a comprehensive school located in a peaceful suburb called Westend in Espoo. The school building is modern, beautiful and well-fuctioning, the school surroundings consist mainly of park and forest. Westendinpuiston koulu offers its approximately 300 pupils high level, versatile education both in Finnish (a-classes) and immersion education in Swedish (b-classes) in grades 1-6. We take each learner's individual charasteristics into account, encourage pupils to co-operation with different people, put emphasis on good manners and sustainable development and environmental issues.

Contact information

Westendinpuiston kouluHiiralantie 6,02160 Espoo+358 43 827 2972

Postal address:P.O. Box 3202, 02070 ESPOO CITY

Contact persons

Rehtori Marja Perkkiö +358 50 566 4759 marja.perkkio@espoo.fi

Apulaisrehtori Tiina Ollilainen-Tallqvist +358 40 509 2687 tiina.ollilainen-tallqvist@opetus.espoo.fi

Apulaisrehtori Veera Virta +358 40 508 5893 veera.virta@opetus.espoo.fi

Koulusihteeri Leena Mikola +358 43 827 2972 leena.mikola@espoo.fi


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