Senioripaku - Espoo's Elderly People’s Van

Senioripaku, Elderly People’s Van brings enjoyable activities to elderly people in Espoo. Over the summer of 2022, the Senioripaku calls at stops that will be announced before each following month.

At these stops, Senioripaku offers elderly people guidance, expert-led guided exercise, a varied arts and culture program and real moments of togetherness. Activities are part of the 50 years of the City of Espoo jubilee content.

The Senioripaku will follow a set timetable and tours around Espoo on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 13:30-15:00 until the end of September. Every month the new timetable will be published on this page.


About Senioripaku

Senioripaku operates in order to fill gaps in the existing services for senior citizens offered by the city. This initiative is carried out through teamwork between services for the elderly, sports and culture services, as well as institutions, volunteer workers and the elderly themselves, who take part in the development of the program. Senioripaku is part of the Healthy Espoo development programme.

The idea was developed as part of the Seniorit Tikissä -project at universities for Applied Sciences in the capital area.

Photo: Eemeli Sarka, Omnipress

Mariina Kortesmäki

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