Guided tours for schools and preschools

We recommend a guided tour for your museum visit. Guided tours at Archipelago Museum Pentala are free of charge for schools and preschools. Please inform the museum beforehand of any visit!

Life by the sea,  45 min.

In this tour, you will learn what life was like for the people of the archipelago. The tour is available 10.–31.8.2023 from 10:15 am to 2 pm.
Recommended for primary schools, lower secondary schools, and upper secondary schools 

KULPS excursion days for pupils on 5th and 6th grades in Espoo schools


Reservations for summer season 2023 start on Wed 1.3.2023 at 9:00. We prefer reservations by telephone in Pentala Archipelago Museum number +358 43 8252 641. The reservation number is open from March to May, Tue–Thu 9–15. For questions and more information you can also contact us via email Answer time to the email is 1–3 working days.


Finnish, Swedish, English, simple Finnish (we also cater to language immersion groups in Swedish or Finnish)

Information about the group needed for a reservation

Size of the group (maximum size of one school class)
Age of students
Name of the school
Possible special needs
Contact information of the teacher

If your group requires special accommodations, we will gladly make the appropriate arrangements, but please notify us at the time of booking.

Lunch break

Taking your own lunch with you is recommended! It can be enjoyed either outdoors or in Lilla Villan. The group needs to take care of cleanliness after eating lunch in both nature and indoors. Remember that you are moving in nature reserve: do not leave any rubbish in the nature. Take with you snacks that litter as little as possible! There is a water faucet on close to Lilla Villan. The water is regular Espoo tap water from the continent.

How to get there

Archipelago Museum Pentala is accessible by scheduled archipelago traffic 4.6.-31.8.2023.