Residents’ parks offer supervised activities for schoolchildren in the morning and afternoon

30.8.2022 5.00Updated: 30.8.2022 13.20
School children chasing each other.
Photo: Taru Turpeinen

The residents’ parks offer a safe and supervised place and instructor-led activities for schoolchildren in grades 1–3 to spend their leisure time. The parks are also fun places where you can make friends.

When the school year begins, many guardians of small schoolchildren are wondering how the child will manage on their own in the morning and afternoon. What will the child be doing, can they find food in the fridge, and do they have enough friends and activities? These are typical concerns among the parents of children in primary school.

Some children manage fine while alone at home – especially if a parent is available via phone, for example. However, many children still miss the instruction and presence of an adult in their routines. Not everyone has friends living nearby, either, so the hours after school may get boring. Luckily, there are residents’ parks!

The residents’ parks are maintained by the City, and they have staff and supervised activities on site. In the mornings and afternoons, young schoolchildren are also welcome to the parks. The residents’ parks offer a safe and supervised place for schoolchildren to spend their leisure time.

“A park is an excellent option for an independent child who may otherwise spend the morning or afternoon alone at home,” says Taru Kärhä from Karakallio Residents’ park.

Friends, fun and supervised activities

In the residents’ parks, children can find friends and fun things to do together. Adult instructors support and accompany the children in the parks, so the children do not have to play alone. The residents’ parks are places where you can spend time and do something you like. Children can also eat their own snacks, or the guardians can register their child for a snack for a fee. The snack fee is €60.50 per month for a child. The snacks are offered if at least five children register for the meal.

The parks are usually open on weekdays 8.00–16.00. You can play outdoors or spend time and even play games in the indoor facilities.

“The after-school activities are intended for children in grades 1–3, in particular. The participation is based on an agreement between the child and the parent, and it is free of charge,” Kärhä describes the park activities.

The park staff arrange various supervised activities for schoolchildren in the afternoon.

“Children’s wishes are heard when planning the activities, but supervised outdoor games, crafts and board games have proven especially popular,” Taru Kärhä says.

Even the shyest children do not need to fear being left alone. Usually, everyone finds a friend at a park, and the instructors help the children play together as needed.

16 residents’ parks available throughout Espoo

The residents’ parks are available to all. Separate registration is not required for the schoolchildren’s activities, except for the snack, which is subject to a fee. However, Taru Kärhä encourages guardians to contact their preferred park in advance.

 “It would be good to visit the park with the child ahead of time. We are happy to share information about the activities and give a tour of the area. We can chat and get to know each other, so that it will be easier for the child to come to the park on their own the next time. You should also fill in the contact form which is available at the park, so that we know whom to contact in case something happens to the child or there are other concerns,” Kärhä points out.

How do you get in? Where can you find information about the park activities?

“You should check the City’s website for the location of the nearest residents’ park. There are 16 residents’ parks in Espoo in total. You can find their contact information online. The parks also share their activities on social media and a digital activity calendar. Please do not hesitate to visit and join the activities!” she encourages everyone.

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