EMMA – Espoo museum of modern art @ Julius Konttinen.

WeeGee FAQ

Q: What is WeeGee?

A: WeeGee is an exhibition centre which houses EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art, KAMU Espoo City Museum, Mauri Kunnas exhibition. In addition, WeeGee Exhibition Centre has a museum shop, EMMA Shop(external link), and Cafe Zoceria WeeGee(external link) as well as Futuro house.

Q: What is the difference between WeeGee, EMMA and KAMU?

A: Exhibition Centre WeeGee is one of Espoo’s culture houses. WeeGee hosts the Mauri Kunnas exhibition and Futuro house and is responsible for organising things like entrance hall services. KAMU Espoo City Museum is also part of Espoo cultural services and it operates as an independent organisation in the WeeGee building. The EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art Foundation founded in 2002 is in charge of operations at EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art.

Q: Where does the name WeeGee come from?

A: The building is a former Weilin&Göös printing house designed by Professor Aarno Ruusuvuori. You can read more about the building’s history here.

Q: How can I get to WeeGee from the Tapiola metro station?

A: From the metro station, follow the signs to Länsituulentie. The walk to WeeGee takes about 10–15 minutes. 

Q: Where can I park?

A: Outdoor parking is available near WeeGee at Ahertajantie 5 and there is also an indoor car park at Ahertajankuja 5. All parking is subject to charge. Car parking and parking control is provided by Tapiola Paikoitus Oy(external link) (in finnish). 

Q: Is accessible parking available at WeeGee?

A: Yes. Accessible parking spaces are located in front of the WeeGee house. There is a ramp from the accessible parking area to the main entrance. Read more about accessibility here.

Q: Are pets allowed at WeeGee?

A: Pets are not allowed inside the exhibition centre. WeeGee welcomes guide, assistance and hypo dogs on duty.

Q: Do I need to leave my coat on the coat rack?

A: Heavy and wet coats must be put on the coat rack; light coats may be carried. Lockers are available in the WeeGee lobby free-of-charge.

Q: May I carry my backpack in the museums?

A: Backpacks must be placed in storage during a museum visit. Lockers are available in the WeeGee lobby free-of-charge. 

Q: Are pushchairs and prams allowed in the museums?

A: You can visit all of WeeGee’s museums with a pushchair or pram. There is a lift in the lobby, behind the lockers next to the café. Pushchairs can also be borrowed from the lobby.

Q: Can I take photos in the museums?

A: Photos can be freely taken in all the museums without a flash and shared on social media. Other professional or commercial use must be separately agreed with each museum. 

Q: Is there a place for eating my own snacks?

A: There is a space for eating your own snacks on the basement floor of the exhibition centre. Foods and drinks are not allowed in the exhibition spaces, and you cannot eat your own snacks in the lobby or café. 

Q: I have an artefact I would like to donate to the museum – is this possible?

A: The museums increase their collections in accordance with their own acquisition programmes. WeeGee Exhibition Centre’s entrance hall service does not accept donations; all donations must be agreed directly with each museum. Donations and acquisitions are always considered on a case-specific basis.

Q: Where is the Finnish Museum of Horology and Jewellery Kruunu and Museum Leikki located?

A: Both museums are located in the vicinity of Exhibition Centre WeeGee at Ahertajankuja 3. More information at the museums’ own websites: Museum Leikki(external link) & Museum Kruunu(external link) (in Finnish). 

Q: Can I use an Exhibition Centre WeeGee admission ticket also for the Finnish Museum of Horology and Jewellery Kruunu and Museum Leikki?

A: Exhibition Centre WeeGee admission tickets cannot be used for Museum Kruunu or Museum Leikki. See ticket information at the museums’ own websites.

Q: Where can I ask for lost property?

A: You can ask for lost property at WeeGee’s entrance hall services by either sending e-mail to weegee.info@espoo.fi or phoning +358 9 81631818.

Q: Can I use paper culture vouchers to pay at WeeGee?

A: WeeGee does not accept paper culture vouchers. You can use cash, debit or credit card as well as several culture benefits such as ePassi, Smartum or Edenred to pay.