Detailed planning process in stages

A detailed plan regulates the construction and use of an individual area, such as a block or a plot. The aim of planning is to reconcile the development objectives of the landowner with the views of local residents and other interested parties.

Planning is a multi-stage process is a multi-stage process, during which the plan becomes more detailed with each stage. Residents and other interested parties can participate in the process at different stages.  

The stages of detailed planning are the starting stage, preparation stage, proposal stage, approval stage and entry into force. 

Stages of the detailed planning process in brief  

During the starting stage, the planners compile the initial information needed for planning. Objectives are set for the plan. You can contact the planners if you have information or questions about the planning area.  

During the preparation stage, the planners draw up a participation and assessment scheme and the preparation material for the local detailed plan. You can express your opinion on the material.  

During the proposal stage, the planners draw up a plan proposal, in which they take account of the initial information, objectives and feedback received during the preparation stage. You can submit a written objection to the plan proposal.  

During the approval stage, the planners prepare the plan for approval. Elected officials decide on the approval of the plan.  

The plan enters into force once it has been officially announced. This can be done if no-one appeals against the plan to the Administrative Court or if the court dismisses the appeal.  

Below you can find more detailed descriptions of the different stages and participation during the planning process.   

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