Espoo´s Participation Model

Espoo´s Participation Model tells us how resident participation is executed in Espoo.

Espoo´s Participation Model consists of 4 parts:

1) Vision;

All Espoo residents can participate in and contribute to developing the city. This section defines what participation is.

2) Goals and guidelines

 tells us why it is important that residents are involved and what the focus points in it are. 

3) Systematic participation work

 is a key to changing working culture from partipative administrative culture to modern partnership based network relationship. In example resident volunteer work and expertise are recognized as a possibility and resource. 

4) The cornerstones of participation

 gathers up the guidelines for resident participation and involvement.  

The Espoo Participation Model gives participatory work a vision, goals and guidelines, ways of doing interaction work and the cornerstones of participation.