The Events Together in Espoo development programme

The Events Together in Espoo programme is one of the four cross-administrative development programmes in Espoo during the Council term 2021–25. The development programmes are cooperation platforms that allow the city, together with its partners, to develop innovative solutions through experiments and pilot projects in line with the Espoo Story.

According to the goals that the City Council has set, The Events Together in Espoo programme:

  • will develop forms of activity and experiment with activities to strengthen Espoo’s attractiveness and vitality and a feeling of togetherness and promote recovery from the coronavirus pandemic through events, for example in the fields of culture and sports; 
  • will promote a sense of community and an increase in the number of local activities in different parts of Espoo, and increase and diversify participatory resident and partnership activities; 
  • will remove any obstacles to and promote suitable conditions for creating a foundation for a variety of local events in Espoo and for the Event City Espoo concept that will enable major events; 
  • will create, through diverse cooperation, various ways and events to celebrate Espoo’s 50th anniversary as a city.