The Espoo Story

The Espoo Story is the City's strategy. The Espoo Story, the related cross-administrative development programmes and the goals for the council term are always updated at the start of a new council term. The current council term runs from 2021 to 2025.

Espoo’s vision  

Espoo is a network city with five urban centres. Espoo is a responsible and humane pioneer city and a good place for everybody to live, learn, work and be an entrepreneur. In Espoo, residents can truly make a difference. 

Espoo’s values and operating principles

Goals for the Council term

Espoo is known as Finland’s safest and most vibrant pioneer city of education and culture, expertise, innovation and business with strong international connections. In Espoo, nature is always close by. We take care of biodiversity and will achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 through determined cooperation with businesses, universities and other communities as well as residents. 

Cross-administrative development programmes 

The cross-administrative development programmes are cooperation platforms that allow the city, together with its partners, to develop innovative solutions through experiments and pilot projects in line with the Espoo Story. To ensure effectiveness, external funding will be applied for through national sources and EU programmes. 

Annex: Espoo – The most sustainable city in Europe