Central Election Committee

The Central Election Committee is a statutory municipal committee, and its members are appointed for a term of four years.

The Central Election Committee’s activities cover both municipal and national elections. The committee convenes as specified in the Election Act and at other times, if necessary, by invitation of the chairperson.

In connection with national elections, the committee’s tasks include:

  • providing information about the election;
  • training other election authorities in the municipality;
  • distributing election materials and delivering furniture to polling stations;
  • introducing the election information system;
  • preparations related to advance voting;
  • preparations related to voting in institutions and at home;
  • preparations related to voting on election day;
  • receiving electoral rolls and delivering them to election committees;
  • checking advance voting documents;
  • providing information on the preliminary counting of votes.

In connection with municipal elections, the committee’s tasks also include:

  • processing and making decisions on candidate applications and compiling a master list of candidates;
  • counting advance votes and providing information on the results;
  • recounting election day votes and providing information on the results;
  • confirming and publishing election results and providing information on the results.

Central Election Committee's agendas and decisions(external link) (in Finnish)

Meeting secretary, extract from meeting minutes, appeal
Secretary  of Central Election Committee
Matti Aaltonen
P.=.Box 12, 02070 CITY OF ESPOO
Tel. 040 636 8959

You can request an extract from the minutes of a meeting through the meeting secretary.