Espoo Info offers - advice on public services as well as the services and events of the City of Espoo's partners (Helsinki Region Transport HSL, Kela and Visit Espoo) - digital support, i.e. advice on how to use online services - free use of a customer computer and the city's wireless internet connection *At Espoon keskus Espoo Info, you can print documents through MobilePay or card payment (strong identification, e.g. using online banking codes, is required when paying by card) *There is no printing service at Espoonlahti Espoo Info. - the possibility to drop off mail addressed to the City of Espoo and Kela

Mobile Espoo Info

The service advisors of the new Espoo Info have started a mobile service, i.e. they are taking digital support and service advice directly to the people who benefit from them, such as residents of senior service centres. You can find the schedule for mobile service here.

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