Esbo Arbis Theater group: The year of the fool

Teatterin esiriippu ja valonheittimet.


6.5.2023 klo 14.00 – 16.00 EET/EEST


Vindängen Vindängensalen

Vindgränden 6 B, 02100 Esbo

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Esbo Arbis och Vindängensalen


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Teatergruppen vid Esbo Arbis presenterar sin årliga produktion. Föreställningen är på engelska.

A gut-wrenching story that will shock and surprise you, and make you question your own place in society. An average modern-day family is caught in a reality where a totalitarian regime suddenly rises to power, forcing them to drastically change the way they interact with their immediate environment and their family and friends. Or are there any friends left in this world at all? Don't miss this exploration of what "could be" in a world where most people are obsessed with work, and leave more important matters such as freedom and dignity in the hands of those who would seek to oppress and control. The story creeps up on you and attacks you unexpectedly from behind, it is a sudden reversal of luck, a sudden cancellation of everything we hold dear. It will move you in ways you cannot yet imagine.

Regissör och ledare: Sven Fernandez

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