Instructions for coronavirus

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Information regarding the coronavirus restrictions


  • Daycares and preschools will be open normally.

  • Comprehensive schools will be open normally.

  • Whilst upper secondary schools and trade schools have permission to open, the Government recommends that they continue with distance learning. For further information, contact your own school directly.

  • Work trips within the Schengen area are permitted under certain circumstances.

  • Outdoor sport activities will be permitted. However, restrictions limiting gatherings to 10 people will still apply.


  • Restaurants may be open on a limited basis. The Government will clarify details and possible restrictions at a later date.

  • Sporting events and competitions may begin with special arrangements in place.

  • Indoor public spaces such as libraries, museums etc. will be opened.

  • Restrictions limiting gatherings to 10 people will be lifted to 50 people.

Visits to hospitals and nursing homes will still be prohibited until further notice.

Take care of mild symptoms at home. If you experience severe symptoms such as shortness of breath or if your overall condition gets worse, call your health centre. You can only visit a health centre if you have booked an appointment. Health centres’ coronavirus helpline, tel. 09 816 34600.

Day care centres remain open and pre-primary education continues. If you can arrange childcare at home, please do so. Remember to inform the day care centre director.

Comprehensive school pupils in grades 1–3 may come to school and attend contact teaching starting from Monday, 23 March, regardless of their parents’ professions. It is still recommended to keep children at home and have them study from home.

Please note that all daycares and comprehensive schools will be open from the 14th of May.

Swimming pools, libraries, gyms and museums are closed until further notice.

We recommend that all customers postpone their non-urgent errands or contact the Service Points by phone or chat. The telephone number and the chat window are available at

Border crossing places are closed, and people must not travel abroad. If you are returning from abroad, you must stay at home in quarantine-like conditions for 14 days.

Public gatherings of over 10 people are forbidden. Restriction also affects religious communities.

Finnish Government has given a guideline, which states that persons over 70 years of age must refrain from contact with other persons to the extent possible. The Government strongly recommends persons over 70 years old to avoid crowds and public spaces to keep them safe from the coronavirus.

Wash your hands often and cough into your upper sleeve.

Restrictions have been made to keep people safe, follow them.

Dont leave the house if you are sick.

Multilingual Advice about the Corona Virus with The SmartBot.

The SmartBot has been taken into use in Espoo, in order to answer questions regarding the current Corona Virus situation. It can answer enquiries in more than 100 languages. Its language skills have been taken from computer translations, using English as a base language. While grammatical errors are certain to occur using this method, the aim of the project is to allow information accessible to as many people as possible regarding the current Corona Virus outbreak.

Example questions you can ask are:

• What to do if you suspect that you have caught the Corona Virus;
• What current restrictions are in place during the Corona Virus outbreak;
• Where families with children, and senior citizens can get assistance with everyday life while restrictions are ongoing;
• Where workers who have been made redundant, or companies facing financial difficulties can get financial assistance; and
• How to access various services offered by the City of Espoo while the current restrictions are in place.

The SmartBot can be found at,, and at The SmartBot was initially created for a trial period of two months.

More information for Espoo residents:

Follow news in English Yle: News in English

Important information about the coronavirus for parents and families (pdf, 88 Kt)