Talent Espoo contact details

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Recruitment services

Adwoa Brewu

Business coordinator+358405058392

Anu Partanen

Business coordinator

Jaakko Kopperoinen

Business coordinator+358406394303

Working with highly educated job seekers.

Johanna Larsson

Employer services manager+358406368272

Johanna Liukkonen

Business coordinator+358406368198

Working with highly educated job seekers. 

Tapio Hänninen

Business coordinator+358405531721

Wei Cui

Business coordinator+358406368960

Specialising in collaboration with higher education institutions (HEIs), thesis jobs, internships and recruiting events.

Services for spouses


Melissa Arni-Hardén

Senior Planning Officer+358405082234

Competence centres

Annukka Jamisto

Service Manager, OSKE +358401267643

Olga Silfver

Project manager, Koske +358406394895

EntryPoint mentoring programme

Marina Ponomareva