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Developing a career in Espoo

Competence centres in Espoo

In Espoo you have an opportunity to constantly learn new skills an develop yourself as a much-needed talent:

Omnia Skills Centre OSKE(extrernal link) offers services that increase professional skills and promote employment for immigrants in Espoo. OSKE's services are intended for Espoo residents over the age of 18 who have a residence permit.

Competence Centre for Highly Educated Immigrants helps with job-seeking and employment questions of highly educated jobseekers with immigrant-backgrounds.

Entrypoint mentoring programme

EntryPoint mentoring programme is a cross-cultural mentoring programme based on close cooperation and mutually beneficial partnership between a mentor and a mentee. The programme is run in English. Sign up now!

Living in Espoo

Espoo is a large city with access to diverse services, beautiful nature, and the rest of the capital region. Learn more about your future hometown! Hello Espoo website provides a step-by-step guide in English to settling in and building a life in Espoo. 

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