Employer, expand your talent pool with Talent Espoo!

Are you taking your business to the next level and need new team members? We are here to help you with employing and hiring international talents to your company. Your work is our work.

Why is it important to recruit an international talent?

For a company, finding the best employee is paramount. Because of employee shortages in certain fields as well as specialized skills needed in many jobs, the best employee might be someone with an international background. Considering international talent can help a company expand its talent pool.

Hiring diverse talent benefits a company in many ways even if the company isn’t aiming for the international market:

  • Diversity enhances creativity and efficiency at workplace.
  • Diversity shows that the company is open-minded and dynamic, which helps attract young, skilled workers.
  • Diverse workforce expands company’s reach as employees bring their networks with them.
  • If a company is aiming for the international market, international talent can help with exports as well as with attracting foreign investment.
  • Because of Finland’s aging population, it is urgent that companies hire international talent to ensure their own future success.

We are here to support you!

Espoo together with the national Talent Boost Network offers various services for companies interested in hiring international talent. Support and financing exist for facilitating international recruitment as well for solving any practical issues that arise from having a diverse workplace. That’s what we’re here for.

For example, we can help companies find the right employees, provide financial support for hiring, offer training and help with the required administrative procedures.

To find out more, you can also download an extensive guide on international recruitment published by ELY center Soutwest Finland(extrernal link).

Let's do this together!

City of Espoo invites all employers to co-create services that make the city an attractive place to live, study and work in. This plan calls for public-private-people partnerships.

After all, the ingredients of successful talent attraction and retention include a good place brand combined with an attractive employer image, smooth collaboration of public officials and higher education institutes as well as engagement of the international community already in Finland.

By committing time to joint operations, e.g. by attending events, providing feedback and sharing expertise and know-how on the topic we can jointly nurture a community that ensures our sustainable future. For partnerships, please contact our Senior Planning Officer Melissa Arni-Hardén at melissa.arni-harden@espoo.fi.

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