Espoo celebrates its 50th anniversary – participate in the theme year

On 1 January 2022, Espoo celebrated its 50th anniversary as a city. We will be celebrating this anniversary throughout the year with a variety of events. One of the highlights of the year will be the Espoo celebrates! week built around Espoo Day. In the last week of August, the city will be filled with events and good company from Tuesday to Saturday.

In our experience, we achieve the best results when we work together, and this is why we are also inviting the local business community to join us in the theme year celebrations.

Pick content from your existing service or product range and highlight it in a new way or come up with something completely new! Does your company have a product or service that could somehow be linked to numbers 72, 1972 or 22, 2022 or 50, for example, through pricing? Or are you hosting an event that could be connected to the theme year? How about, for example:

  • a café product or menu carrying the theme year logo?
  • a well-being service targeted at people born in 1972 who are celebrating their 50th birthday this year?
  • a special offer from a property maintenance company or gardening entrepreneur to restore yards of Espoo-based housing companies in honour of the jubilee?

We encourage you to play with the idea! Our dear middle-aged city has already gained life experience, knows a lot about things, is constantly learning more and can also laugh at itself, if need be.

Send us your tip for the jubilee programme and check out other instructions on the theme year website.

If you want to learn more, you can also attend online information sessions that are open to all. Links to the information sessions are available on the theme year website.

You can use the following hashtags in your communication:

#EspooJuhlii #EsboFirar #EspooCelebrates #72Espoo22 #72Esbo22